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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 36 Ghost Point Hunters

Updated: May 18, 2021

We ain’t afraid of no ghosts. In fact, we seek them – ghost points, that is. Ghost points are fantasy points that do not come from attacking returns or clean sheets. These can come in the form of key passes, successful dribbles, interceptions, accurate crosses, and aerials, among others. Identifying these points is essential for your Fantasy EPL prospects, and our Gameweek 36 Ghost Point Hunters article is here to help!

This Gameweek 36 Ghost Point Hunters article is based on the Fantrax Scoring System.

Check out our Ghost Point Tracker page for the full list of Fantasy EPL players and their respective Ghost Point capabilities!

Gameweek 36 Ghost Point Hunters

It was an even crazier gameweek than usual, with double and even triple gameweek's. Over here at GPH HQ, we have had to sift through the recycling for value. In what is now just a series of 3 more sprints ROS, you have to eschew big names and go with whatever's working. And these chaps were working this past GW: Ivan Cavaleiro, Nathan Redmond, and Charlie Taylor.

These are three players that halted all communication with that girl from the coffeeshop this gameweek, ghosting everything in sight. At least two of the three will be on your waiver wire and all play for teams that do not blank and have decent matchups this GW. But they are also fickle mistresses and can be inconsistent. So make of that what you will... Let's get into it.

Ivan Cavaleiro

Position: Forward

Team: Fulham

Rostered: 22%

Ghost Points GW35: 21

Ghost Points Per 90: 7.6

Next Opponent: Southampton (Away)

Prospects: He has started the past 2 GWs and should get the nod again; if not, he is an easy drop.

Verdict: Should be on your waiver wire; if you need a FWD, stream away this GW.

The poor Cottagers finally sealed their inevitable fate of relegation this GW with a hard-fought loss to Burnley. But that didn't stop Ivan Cavaleiro from delivering a ghost point performance for the ages. The Portuguese forward posted 21 scary scores from a myriad of sources: 6 Key Passes, 1 Shot on Target, 3 Accurate Crosses Not Corners, 3 Successful Dribbles, and 2 Aerials. I'm exhausted just writing that all out, imagine how Charlie Taylor (see below) felt after having to defend that onslaught.

Cavaleiro did it all (other than actually score a goal or post an assist). He has had some good performances this season and was previously on some set pieces (Lookman is mostly on set pieces now), so he has it in his locker to ghost out. One never knows how relegated teams will react after it becomes mathematically impossible to stay up. But against a leaky Saints defense, Cavaleiro could be good streaming value at FWD, where it is slim pickings on the waiver wire in a Blank Gameweek.

Nathan Redmond

Position: Midfielder

Team: Southampton

Rostered: 48%

Ghost Points GW35: 19 (11.5 v Liverpool, 7.5 v Crystal Palace)

Ghost Points Per 90: 6.5

Next Opponent: Fulham (Home)

Prospects: Redmond got back to back starts in the DGW, even with the return of Ings. He should be nailed on.

Verdict: He may have been swooped for the DGW; if so, try to trade a MID5+1 (preferably a blank GWer).

Oh, Nate Dogg (RIP). As Winston Churchill once said about the Soviet Union, Nathan Redmond is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. He has been a Fantasy EPL conundrum; he goes off one GW, blanks the next. But Redmond just had a tidy DGW, putting up 11.5 ghosties v Liverpool and then following it up with 7.5 (along with an assist) against Crystal Palace. He loves a successful dribble and isn't afraid to have a go from distance (he is no AEG, but who is?), which results in points. And Saints just dropped 3 goals v Palace and have Ingsy back. With a tasty matchup against relegated Fulham (see above), Redmond should be value this GW. SHOULD! You've been warned.

Charlie Taylor

Position: Defender

Team: Burnley

Rostered: 21%

Ghost Points GW35: 13.5

Ghost Points Per 90: 6.6

Next Opponent: Leeds United (Home)

Prospects: The LB is a regular starter when fit and should be a solid DEF streamer ROS for 2 of the next 3 GWs.

Verdict: Should be available on your waiver wire; stream if need be.

I shouted out our own Draft Genie's favorite FWD streamer, Cavaleiro. Now we move on to a Burnley defender, Charlie Taylor. Life - and Draft FPL - is about balance. Taylor is and always will be a streamer, someone to throw on in a pinch if you need a defender and Burnley have a decent matchup. He rewarded managers who fielded him against Fulham this GW, securing 11.5 caspers from 1 Key Pass, 2 Tackles Won, 1 Accurate Cross Not a Corner, 1 Interception, 6 Clearances, 1 Successful Dribble, and 3 Aerials. Cavaleiro, as I've mentioned, kept Taylor busy. Leeds United and a now fit Raphinha could also keep him busy this GW and the ghosties could flow. He is worth a punt as a DEF streamer if you're in a jam this Blank Gameweek.

***Click here to view the full Ghost Point Tracker table!***

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