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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 24 Sleepers XI + Weekly Streamers

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Our Gameweek 24 Sleepers XI / Streamers article provides Fantrax managers with a lineup of Fantasy EPL hidden gems.  Our starting eleven of Draft Premier League differential picks will help you find a golden ticket to a big score this weekend!  These hints and tips will give you a better chance of picking up an all-important victory, as one of our picks could easily make the difference in a Head-to-Head game! We have added Streamers who are structured based on kick-off times and are even less rostered than are Sleepers for even more differential value!

We'll be focusing on players that will bring us not only attacking returns or clean sheets, but also those players that score Ghost Points in the sophisticated and statistics based Fantrax Scoring System!

Fantasy EPL Gameweek 24 Sleepers XI

For this section, we use the % rostered stat from Fantrax. Our only rule is that each player we highlight is required to be rostered in 60% of leagues or below at the time of writing. Therefore there's a good chance these players will be free agents in your Fantrax Draft League!

This week, no team is "blessed" with a double gameweek. However, Chelsea and Brighton do not play. Make sure to move those players out of your lineups.

GK: Vicente Guaita

Team: Crystal Palace

Opponent: Norwich (away)

Rostered: 29%

Points Last Gameweek: 4 (vs LIV)

Prospects: I'll warn you from the off that you will see a bit of a theme develop with a couple of these picks. You see, Crystal Palace face Norwich, Brentford, Watford, and Burnley over the next four gameweeks. Note, however, that GW 25 is actually a DGW which includes a matchup against Chelsea in addition to the aforementioned run-in with Watford. But, regardless, that fixture list is enough to trigger the salivary glands of any Draft PL manager worth their salt. Guaita isn't a sexy pick, and that's not lost on me. You're strictly playing the matchups here. As long as you're honest with yourself going in, chasing clean sheets is not always a case of "searching for a calf under the ox," as the Bulgarians say.

DEF: Tyrick Mitchell

Team: Crystal Palace

Opponent: Norwich (away)

Rostered: 26%

Points Last Gameweek: -4.5 (vs LIV). 4, 12, and 13.75 in the three games prior to that.

Prospects: Pause. Read the above note for Vicente Guaita before proceeding. Good? For the most part, you can copy and paste that information here for Mitchell. However, it is worth noting that he scored a tidy 12 points despite conceding three goals to West Ham on New Year's Day, thanks in large part to five key passes and four accurate crosses. He has ghost point potential on top of the hope for a clean sheet.

DEF: Dan Burn

Team: Newcastle United

Opponent: Everton (Home)

Rostered: 20%

Points Last Gameweek: 5.75 (conceding 1 goal against)

Prospects: The big man himself made his move to Newcastle official this past weekend; and do I think that Newcastle's defence will suddenly become a powerhouse? Hell no. This stream is dependent on two things: Burn starting and DCL's health. If the latter plays, Everton will likely try to cross the ball early and often. For a defender, that spells one thing: aerials. Let's hope they both start.

DEF: Ben Davies

Team: Tottenham

Opponent: Southampton (Home)

Rostered: 33%

Points Last Gameweek: -1 (0-2 loss to Chelsea)

Prospects: This Spurs defence should continue to strengthen with every second they spend soaking in Conte's tactics. Davies has been decent from a ghost point perspective and is unlikely to completely blank for you. If he starts, he could be a good shout against a Southampton team struggling to score goals. Same could be said for Romero, FYI, if he's back in the fold.

DEF: Samir

Team: Watford

Opponent: West Ham (Away)

Rostered: 15%

Points Last Gameweek: 14.75

Prospects: With what looks to be a decent baseline for peripheral points (about 5), Samir could offer season-long value for those desperate for defenders. The caveat here is the fact that he has literally only played against the three worst teams in the league thus far. Oh, and he's a bit reckless, so yellow cards are likely.

MID: Jacob Ramsey

Team: Aston Villa

Opponent: Leeds (Home)

Rostered: 40%

Points Last Gameweek: 8

Prospects: Right on the 40% cusp, Ramsey still qualifies as a streamer. And he's been feeling himself as of late, putting in some admirable performances, most notably the G + A vs Man U. He's worth a stream this week against Leeds, plus you'll be able to stash him now for the absolutely delicious run-in that Villa have upcoming: LEE, NEW, WAT, BRI, SOU.

MID: Jonjo Shelvey

Team: Newcastle

Opponent: Everton (Home)

Rostered: 14%

Points Last Gameweek: 20.5

Prospects: There are admittedly a lot of moving pieces to this take. First of all, Shelvey needs to retain his role in the XI after the addition of Bruno. If he can manage that, the question becomes what will his role be in this new-look lineup? If he maintains the 10 spot, we can only assume that Bruno will allow him to focus more on the attacking side of things and Everton have allowed 9.9 points average to midfielders this season (in Fantrax default scoring).

MID: Milot Rashica

Team: Norwich

Opponent: Crystal Palace (Home)

Rostered: 38%

Points Last Gameweek: 14

Prospects: Palace don't allow a plethora of points to opposing midfielders. However, Rashica has been in fine form, as have his Norwich colleagues. And he doesn't need attacking returns to post a reasonable score. He's the definition of a high-floor streamer.

MID: Harvey Elliot (or Curtis Jones)

Team: Liverpool

Opponent: Leicester (Away)

Rostered: 15% (and 21%)

Points Last Gameweek: N/A

Prospects: If Elliot gets the start, there's a strong chance he'll provide a glimmer of the creativity Liverpool have been sorely lacking in the midfield. If not, Jones is a serviceable streamer as well in this matchup. Plus, Leicester are absolutely hemorrhaging goals right now, as evidenced by the bare-bum spanking Nottingham Forest gave them in the FA Cup.

FWD: João Pedro

Team: Watford

Opponent: West Ham (Away)

Rostered: 41%

Points Last Gameweek: 10.5

Prospects: This man has been scoring ghost points for fun lately. If he continues to start (which could be a big "if," depending on where Sarr slots in), I like him to continue doing exactly that.

FWD: Trincão

Team: Wolves

Opponent: Arsenal (Home)

Rostered: 39%

Points Last Gameweek: 0 (Played 1 Minute)

Prospects: Let's be honest here; I don't love this shout. But go ahead and try to find another FWD streaming option who you're confident will get you even 5 points....... ok, you back? Yeah, it's a wasteland out there. Trincao is one of your only shots if you're needy at FWD.


Stream your Way Through the Gameweek

For this section, we use the % rostered from Fantrax. Our only rule is that each player we highlight is required to be rostered in 25% of leagues or below at the time of writing. These players, as opposed to the Sleepers highlighted above, are only worth "streaming" meaning that while the above XI all have their argument for being held mid- to long-term, the players highlighted below have much longer odds of starting this week or regularly, but offer a higher chance of high scoring point return.

Tuesday 19:45


Gordon - If DCL is out, Gordon would get the start and Lampard is purportedly a youth-whisperer. Like... he's good at getting the best out of younger players. I'm aware that sounded awkward.

New NEW Signings - There is a decent chance that Bruno, Wood, or Targett may slip through your league's waivers. If so, grab them if they start!

Johnson or Masuaku - On the off chance either start, you have to like their chances vs WAT.

Tuesday 20:00


Cavani or Elanga If either of these lads get a rare start, trot them out vs BUR. Otherwise, there are few options in this game.

Wednesday 19:45


Lees-Melou - Always good for a modest return.

Ward - See above re: Mitchell and clean sheet potential.

Doherty - Has Royal lost his spot? I don't think so. But there's a chance.

Wednesday 20:00


Llorente - Back at long last. Available in 94% of leagues. Low chance of a blank.

Thursday 19:45


Saiss - Just check to see if he was dropped in your league. Do it now.

Partey - On his day, he can be a fantasy asset, but only if you're in a pinch.

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