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Fantrax EPL Perfect XI Launch!

The Perfect XI format of Fantasy EPL on Fantrax enables you to create an all-star lineup of Premier League players without restrictions! Want to pick Salah, Son, De Bruyne, Maddison, Trent and Cancelo in the same Fantasy team? No problem! Check out the details below on the concept and rules, as well as the all-important link to join the league!

Check out @DPLCommLeague for further information on the format, regular updates on the latest standings, as well as information on how you can enter.

Fantasy EPL Perfect XI Launch

So, what is Perfect XI? Similar to Official Fantasy Premier League game, all managers have full access the entire player pool each week, meaning multiple teams within the league could be completely identical.

However, there are several key departures the OFPL game which makes Perfect XI incredibly enjoyable:

  • The use of the sophisticated Fantrax Default Scoring offers a much wider player pool

  • UNLIMITED transfer every single week

  • No budget/salary cap

  • No restrictions on the number of players per EPL club

  • The ability to use live lineup changes so that you can change your team AFTER lineups are announced

This means that each week you can select a dream team of Fantrax assets who you think will score the most points on a given gameweek, and have the added bonus of being able to see the real life lineups before your players lock in. Magic!

No FAB, no waivers, no drafting... you have the ENTIRE player pool to choose from each week. Simply pick a legal formation each week that you think will score the most points in that gameweek. Just like in a regular Fantrax season, lineups lock only when each players respective game starts. so you can make changes right up until kick-off. Teams will compete in one giant league; no H2H matchups, it's based on overall points only.

There will be two mini-seasons this year, with the top managers qualifying for the Superleague Shootout at the end of the season.

So How Do I Join?!

Launch tweets from @DPLCommLeague can be found here and here!

Simply click the link below to join the league:

We'll also be providing managers with our very own Draft Society Perfect XI tips for each gameweek to keep you in the hunt for glory!

For all the latest from The Draft Society, follow @Draft_Society on Twitter!

And for more in-depth and exclusive resources, become a member of The Inner Circle.



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